There’s a petition going around that is asking for Comedy Central to give me my own spot after The Daily Show! People keep bringing it up to me and it’s like, a strange thing to ignore (for the sole purpose of being politically correct). SO I want to like, take a moment and say thank you to those that created it and signed it. That is unbelievably nice of you. And I am so very very honored to like, even be a person that some people would consider a candidate to slip into that 11:30 spot. (sounds like sex!)

That being said, I’m sure Comedy Central already has something dope in the works to take that particular spot (teehee sex!) after the Daily Show. I’m sure it will be great and funny and wonderful! I can’t wait to see what it is.

BUT whatever happens with that slot, just know that I appreciate your support. Also know that right now I am in the middle of creating and working on some VERY dope things. Not necessarily the exact way that you lovelies have envisioned it, maybe something, dare I say it- ESPECIALLY & MAGNIFICENTLY DOPER. Y’all shall see soon, ya hear?!

One Million Namastes,

Jessica  Williams

She won’t link to it, but I will.



Taxes all filed, time to be comfortable! Today a bunch of Tumblr’s joined in on the National PJ day wearing pajamas to work. I of course being the infinite source of Yahoo! branded items happened to have a handful of Yahoo! onesies which I thankfully coerced a few coworkers (cpanayides and the awesome rahmble) to pose in for a photo. PJs at work, Fuck Yeah!

You know I participated in pajama day. 

Never forget the time Sesame Street parodied Law and Order SVU, the show that is about rape. The show that once talked about finding semen in a cadaver’s ear. The show that once found a baby in a suitcase. 

Special Letters Unit. 

The last four texts between my mother and I.

Last week: From me to her. A picture of my bandaged finger when I had my fingernail removed.

Tonight: From her to me. 3 pictures of my 21 year old brother’s hand and the top 1/3 of his ring finger… In a plastic baggie.

For those of you keeping record: uncle lost a leg in a motorcycle accident, other uncle lost a hand in a meat grinder accident, father lost the tip of his finger in a lawn mower accident, his twin brother lost the tip of his finger in a paint gun accident, grandfather lost toes to diabetes, but that’s not very exciting.  This is all just on my father’s side.

Also my mother just told me she believes she needs her fingernail removed for a biopsy. A week after mine.