I am rarely a girl-hater. I have deep feels for bitches, and tomboys make me weak with envy (or lust, if there’s a difference). But ladies? Ladies can eat me and call it a juice cleanse. I haven’t spent my entire feminism waiting to “stylishly signal” (gross, so gross) that femininity is a construct but also totally cute and young. I want to signal that if I am fucked with, I will shoot a man down in Central Station.



ok since everyone seems to like these type these words into the tag box and see what comes up 1st, here’s another one!!

— then

— are

— kiss

— ass

— just

— lol

— me

— that

— tbh

— did

— something

Love that the same DiCaprio tag came up twice in this. Also, A+ Jim Varney tag, aspiringpolymath.

I was having a frickin’ panic attack on that corner, Caragh. We were outside of a project! I saw people drive by and I sweahta God they were lookin’ at my pocket book. And then we got on the train and there was a guy with a scar running down his face, thick as a rope. Like he got stabbed in his face and didn’t visit a good plastic surgeon. Or any plastic surgeon.
I brought my never-left-the-suburbs Mother to the Bronx on Sunday and she just now was able to tell me her feelings about the corner we stopped at when I was looking up directions on my phone.

I am very, very sick and want to be dead. For some reason I can’t stop singing “nationwide is on your side” to myself very, very softly because it is making me feel a little better. That dude I know and I had a few talks and we are just friends now and I am moving out next month. The end of it all has been very logical and though sometimes sad, rarely terrible. He has taken very good care of me today. 

It’s been decided that I will take the bed, which turned out to be a good decision because I woke up puking on it last night. 

There was only 20 minutes post-breakup in which I wish I was pregnant with his last viable sperm so I could abort it and end his lineage. It was a 20 minute feeling and aside from that, we have been mostly okay.